The Importance of Foot Reflexology in Our Health: 5 Impacting Benefits

5 benefits that Foot Reflexology brings to our health.

After a long day of work, when we feel that fatigue overcomes us, we know how good a quick foot massage would come , because after that we feel relaxed, and our feet feel disinflated. But it’s a good idea to ask us this question:

Does massaging our feet really bring more benefits than just helping us feel relaxed?

Traditional therapeutic techniques seek to relax our muscles and joints in general; aromatherapy with the use of relaxing music and oils stimulate our senses; in the same way that acupressure improves our health by generating specific pressure points in our body. In this same way, foot reflexology acts, seeking to improve our organic functions through massage in specific areas on the feet.

Today we share with you 5 proven benefits that daily practice of foot reflexology has.

# 1 Improving circulation.

Although they are our support mechanism, we are not used to consenting to our feet on a regular basis, we use uncomfortable and tight shoes and we do not exercise daily either. We will notice a great difference in our well-being when applying a small massage session before going to sleep, improving the circulation of our lower extremities.

# 2 Reducing the effects of anxiety and depression.

Multiple studies have shown that by applying daily sessions of foot reflexology, patients with cancer reduce their levels of stress and depression. Its effects go far beyond achieving body relaxation.

# 3 Reducing high blood pressure.

And well that has become a public health problem. The high blood pressure is one of the health problems in our modern society, which together with factors such as physical inactivity, unhealthy diets and stress are a time bomb. It has been proven that small weekly sessions of this wonderful therapy manage to lower the levels of anxiety in workers subjected to high levels of stress, improving their mood

# 4 A great strategy for sex life.

Starting with a gentle foot massage as a starting point, we can forget any discomfort, offering a disinterested gift. It also works as an excellent pre-game.

# 5 Reducing inflammation in pregnant women.

It is very common to suffer from foot swelling and fluid retention during pregnancy, this can be avoided by giving a gentle daily massage accompanied by a balanced diet.

Currently we can find thousands of available resources on the web to learn more about this wonderful traditional technique that seeks to relieve our ailments. It takes us only 10 to 20 minutes of our 24 hours a day to pamper our feet and begin to enjoy the benefits that this practice has.