We welcome you at ScopeHeal and appreciate your interest in learning more about us. This is exactly what this page is about – giving you a better insight into who we are and how we can help you live a healthier, easier, longer and happier life.

My name is Dr. Cameron Troup, MD and I am USA based professional surgeon.

Dr. Cameron Troup, MD

We have created a website that introduces the world of health and lifestyle information supported by reliable content providers and timely relevance. While maintaining high credibility and in-depth information, our team strives hard to ensure your overall well-being.

This is a sincere effort on our part to bring forth a user experience which is engaging, moving, and interactive.

We aim to deliver the best dialogue available from serious health conditions to lifestyle-related issues through tailored advice, tools and communities.

You, the user are of utmost importance to us and we are committed to being the portal that sustains your healthy lifestyle.

We serve as an incubation centre for new business ideas and identifies gaps in the online space, crafting appropriate product, technical and marketing strategies for the development of online services, products and offers.

Founded in October 2008, the company zeroes in on developing sustainable business models for the Indian online space and continuously pushes the boundaries to create ‘services’ and ‘products’ which add value and experience to the online users. The structure of ScopeHeal allows for the conceptualization and testing of many ideas while turning the best of them into companies.

Dr. Cameron Troup

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