Cupping Therapy or Suction Therapy: Benefits – Video

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of traditional Chinese medicine.

The therapist puts special cups on the patient’s skin for a few minutes to create the suction.

Suction massage

The aspiration massage by Catación is a modernized form of therapy by cupping .

Adopt a suction gun to produce a vacuum of negative air pressure inside the cups that have been placed on the skin.

The suction works to release soft tissues and stiff muscles. The skin may redden after the cup is left in place for a few minutes.

The purpose of using these cups in this way is to apply pressure for relaxation in the muscles and promote general well-being.

The action of massage therapy with suction cups

The suckers produce voids in the surface of the body by manually withdrawing the air with the suction gun, instead of the traditional way of burning oxygen.

If you think of massage in terms of positive pressure (pressing on body tissues), then you can think of a Cupping suction massage as a negative pressure, exposing body tissues out of the body, to further stimulate with a massage reverse.

Cupping throughout history

Therapy by cupping is an ancient Chinese method of promoting deep healing in muscle tissue, opening energy pathways, releasing toxins and activating the lymphatic system.

The cupping is done by placing a cup, in which a vacuum has been created on the skin. This creates suction and allows the healing and release of muscle tension.

The benefits of cupping may include: organization of metabolism; Blood circulation; Sciatica; Muscle tension and pain (ie, back, neck, shoulders); Arthritis / Rheumatism; Sports injuries; General Health and much more.

The most common misunderstanding regarding one of the most powerful and beneficial after effects of cupping is with the marks that sometimes result.

When injuries occur deep in the muscle, bleeding often occurs causing deep bruises.

There will also be edema in the area that involves the coagulation of the adhesive proteins. The presence of the combination of these elements usually results in the stagnation of blood circulation in the area – which results in pain, dysfunction, and chronic conditions.

The vacuum formed by the Cupping creates the old space and does not allow the circulation of stagnant blood and sticky liquids in the area, which allows reaching the surface and away from the lesion so that a healthy circulation can be released that can bring restoration to the affected area, because thanks to oxygen, cells and nutrients a faster recovery is generated.

Where there is static dead blood, lymph, cellular damage, pathogenic factors and toxins present in the body, Cupping therapy can leave marks indicating that stagnation or disease have moved from the deeper layers of the tissue to the surface.

In many countries that have been experienced, they themselves give credit to the incredible therapy and the detoxifying effects of suction that it can provide.

But in some industrialized countries, where allopathic medicine is on more holistic and less natural approaches, these superficial discolorations are misinterpreted as harm, and as a result, debilitating agents appear that are dragged to the surface.

Westerners also live in a society where image awareness also has a greater sensitivity … so, without sufficient understanding, some people are disconcerted to see that this important method took effect.

Once people understand what these brands are, and see the results, the concerns will disappear.

The color and pattern of the markings depend on the level of stagnation in the area, and range from bright red to dark purple, generally lasting from 3 days to a week – sometimes longer if the person is very sick or is sedentary.

If there is no current stalemate, there will be only one light pink mark, which disappears in a few minutes to a couple of hours. Places where there is an old trauma or injury may require multiple suction treatments to eliminate all accumulated toxins.

Beneficios del Cupping

If you wish, you can perform this technique as the only treatment, although the ideal would be to accompany another alternative natural therapy, such as shitasu, chiropractic, acupuncture among many others, as this will help to maximize the benefits.

In only one section of Cuppin can changes be seen, such as a better mood, more energy, less stress, less anxiety, better activity in the lymphatic system, etc.

But if you decide to take Cupping therapy frequently, it will help you to treat all the problems of migraines, back pains, muscular tensions, fatigue, allergies, constipation, poor circulation, insomnia and varicose veins among other benefits.

This therapy can treat obesity problems, since Chinese medicine ensures that this technique eliminates stagnation of moisture and helps mobilize stagnant fats, it is also highly recommended in facial and body treatments due to its drainage effect.

Definitely Cupping therapy is imposed as a new way of caring for the body and mind, as it not only improves the internal functions of the organism, but is also reflected in the face, in the change of attitude as the therapy helps to release endorphins, stimulating the acupuncture points you get a state of peaceful, pleasant and quality.

A good option if you want a less invasive treatment.