Facial Reflexology: Techniques and Applications

Reflexology was invented, researched, and developed by Lone Sorensen.

It is defined as a holistic treatment carried out on people’s faces.

Fifteen points on the face symbolize the systems and areas within our body. By stimulating these points increases circulation and also relaxes the person receiving reflexology.

Relaxation is important. It allows people to stop and take a break from stress and the stresses of life. It can often make us more efficient and happy.


It is very similar to the technique of reflexology in hands.


Index finger

  1. With the index finger or the thumb, intense pressure is made on the point of the face.
  2. Without using your fingers, slowly rotate your thumb to apply pressure in a circular motion.
  3. Do this in the same place for fifteen to thirty seconds to the right, and after fifteen to thirty seconds in the opposite direction.

How to do reflexology on the face?

Make sure that the face of the person receiving the reflexology is seated comfortably; their shoulders and head must be compatible.


In general, the best place to position yourself when doing reflexology is to be behind the person who receives it; for example, if they are in a chair in which they are standing, position themselves behind them.

It is recommended not to stand in front of a person, as he will be unable to relax his body.


Reflexology on the face

  1. Stimulate the reflex (each point on the face) one at a time unless there are two points on the front by the same organ/area; in this case, you can apply the message as shown in the yellow zone (see image) above).
  2. If you want to work on a specific body area (for example, the chest area to help with coughing), use the technique explained.
  3. If the person giving the reflexology is particularly sensitive to an area where he plays, write it down. So the next time you do reflexology, you can check if that same area is still sharp.

After all the treatment is completed, it is possible to return to that area to give it extra reinforcement.

Reflexology does three amazing things:

  1. It is relaxing.
  2. It promotes harmony and balance in your body and your systems.
  3. Increases blood circulation.