Quantum Medicine and Quantum Therapy: Origin and Application


The origin.

The universe is composed of a mass of radiation, consisting of atomic , subatomic and electromagnetic particles, which are animated by a continuous movement, which is responsible for the creation and disintegration of the process of matter.

The electricity that illuminates our house, radio waves or television, with which families are informed and distracted; In short, all the elements that make life easier depend on these radiations.

Everything in the cosmos is permeated with radiation and even energy or color radiation, which occurs both in the mineral world and in plants and animals. Each color has its own vibrational energy with numerous frequencies and its radiations interact with each other, forming part of the whole that moves “all creation”. So it is a process of mutation and evolution in which we are all involved. We owe our existence to all these energies.

The energy circulating in all the cells of the body is already known from Chinese medicine, which defines the energy path of the human body as “meridians” that form a complex network in which the corresponding points activate the dysfunctional organs to restore the energy balance.

The medical priests of ancient Egypt already knew of the existence of this energy, which they called Heka.

So we can say that the physical body is generated by the vibrations of energy . If this flow of energy is disturbed in any area of ​​the body, the balance breaks down and health problems arise, which will develop in the disease.

How Quantum Medicine is applied

There is a meeting point between traditional Chinese medicine and high technology applied to the body, which has the capacity to receive and absorb the influence of electromagnetic frequencies and, especially, in the range of millimeter waves, whose power is close to the value of the quantum. The human physiological system responds positively to these frequencies.

This new therapeutic approach, which received the name of “Quantum Medicine” , uses the energy of colors to normalize the functions of the body, in a direct relationship with the pathological foci.

Light was used as a therapeutic tool in ancient Egypt, where the “active” light of the sun was distinguished from the “calming” light of the Moon. Centuries later, Leonardo da Vinci also uses filtered sunlight through colored lenses for medical purposes. Alchemy and color have been used since the Stone Age to heal people through flowers and colored stones.

In 1960, after the creation of the sectorial optical quantum generator, tests were carried out to verify the possibility of its therapeutic use by means of low power irradiation. Since then, a large number of elements that have proven their medical efficacy have been recognized.

Currently, there are several chromotherapy devices or Quantum Medicine, of which we can mention: the “Pyracromos” devised in Brazil; the “Cromostim 2000” of Italian origin; and “Therachroma” of German manufacture, the presentation of these brought surprising results in the cure of various diseases, through the action of electromagnetic waves, or more precisely of the waves of colors.

These quantum waves are power of measurable frequency, whose influence is observed in the information of the cell, sub-cellular and sub-atomic organ, as a way of language that makes it possible to establish balance, health and well-being.

Quantum Therapy – Psycho-biological Balance

With quantum therapy can benefit people suffering from stress, tension, anxiety, nervousness, trauma, depressive states, insomnia, among many other diseases. Quantum Therapy is the reading of the electromagnetic frequency that stimulates the self-healing capacity of the body, the side effects are not invasive and can be used by everyone, at any age.

It is known that each element or organ in the organism possesses a unique and identifiable electromagnetic frequency , revealed by the electrophysiological response capacity of the person through its levels (vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, minerals, nutrients, sugars, toxins, bacteria, fungi, allergy, parasites, viruses, organs, bones, muscles, mental and emotional factors, among others).

Everything is reduced to energy … it could not be otherwise. This is not philosophy. This is physical.
– Albert Einstein

From the research and study of applied therapy at the quantum level, it is evident how the action of radiation favors a useful reaction for the body with some of the following positive effects:

a) improvement of blood circulation;
b) the acceleration of metabolic processes;
c) the activation of the regeneration process;
d) sedative effect;
e) the analgesic effect;
f) stabilization of the cell membrane;
g) the stimulation of the general condition;
h) normalization of cardiac arrhythmias;
i) activation of the oxidant function of the blood;
j) Modulative immunological and immunoregulatory effect of the stabilizing body.

The Quantum therapy increases the effect of drugs, such as enhanced treatments: homeopathy, herbal medicine, orthomolecular therapy and natural.

The science of color or color therapy in Europe can be found under the name of Quantum Medicine, which uses radiation from the electromagnetic spectrum, especially the solar spectrum, which are colored waves, for various health treatments.