15 Home Remedies for Ear Pain: Free of Side Effects

How to treat ear pain with home remedies

The earache is particularly annoying and lacerating. The particularity of earache leads us to ingest analgesic pills of all kinds to alleviate it.

However, many ignore, perhaps because they are too conditioned by pharmaceutical advertising, that there are numerous home remedies for earache that are easy to make and very practical as much as or more than a pill.

What is the cause of the earache? Causes

Before continuing, it is pertinent to know some causes of earache. Let’s see:

Earache is usually due to infections and other causes of varied nature. Besides, the family history of the person who suffers from it also influences the susceptibilities to certain bacteria that can be congenital.

Some home remedies for earache

Warm water is a good palliative.

So you could use a towel soaked in hot water. The heat relieves as it stimulates circulation to the ear and thus decreasing the pressure.

Also, the hairdryer is a natural source of heat. Set the minimum heat and hold the device 15-20 cm from the direction pavilion to the airflow from outside the ear.


Water, Echinacea, and Drainage

In the water: Make salty gargles to spread and stimulate the obstruction of the blood circulation, thus attenuating the pain symptoms.

Try the extract of Echinacea. Well, this herb helps to calm the pain when the infection causes a worsening of the respiratory tract, for example, pharyngitis of the rhinoceros.

Garlic for ear infections

One or two cloves of garlic. Apart from being a rich food condiment, garlic has therapeutic properties. So the brave ones can chew some teeth on this beneficial assistant.

Others could crush the garlic and take it in a tablespoon with Olive Oil. The important thing here is that you know that garlic, with its anti-inflammatory properties, can help you to alleviate that annoying pain in your ears.

Other remedies are

These are all

The oil in the bishop’s bush is excellent for problems with the earache. Take some of this oil and mix three times the amount with the sesame oil. Warm up a little with a flame.

Then, put this mixture of oils in the ears. Four drops in each ear at a time are sufficient. This is one of the most effective natural cures for earaches.


Another way to use garlic Place 4 or 5 cloves of garlic in a pan. Please put them in a bit of linseed oil and heat them for 10 minutes. Then filter this oil and store it in a glass bottle. Apply this oil once in the morning and once at night around the ears. The relief of otalgia is assured and should arrive in a few days.

Leaves of Tulsi

Take some leaves of Tulsi (holy basil, Ocimum sanctum) and crush them to obtain a paste. Heat a little in a saucepan. Then let it cool. When the temperature is tolerable, put 4 to 5 drops of this oil in the ears. It is a safe remedy to relieve earaches quickly.


Another simple remedy is to protect the outer ear with a bit of cotton. Put the cotton in your ear, especially if the weather is cold.

Mango leaves

Remove the juice from the tender leaves of mango and warm it slightly. Apply to the ears – 4 drops on each ear at a time.


Another effective remedy against earache is to cut radish into small pieces. Place these pieces in mustard oil and reheat them. Then put this oil in a glass bottle. When there is pain in the ears, pour a few drops of this oil on each ear. This provides quick relief.

Banana bark juice

This is a perfect remedy for any earache you may have. Make an incision in the banana rind with a knife and extract part of its juice. Warm this oil a little and put it on your ears before bed. Pour 3 to 4 drops of oil into each ear. When you wake up, the pain will disappear forever in the morning.


Heat some juice extracted from a piece of ginger and put some drops in the ears. This will also bring quick relief to any earache.

Mustard oil

Another quick remedy is to pour heated mustard oil on the ears. 4 drops of oil in each ear are enough.

Onion juice

Extract the juice of an onion, heat it a little and then pour the amount of 4 drops into each ear. The effect will be amplified if you do it right before bedtime.

Fenugreek seeds

Put some fenugreek seeds in any oil; the mustard oils and the flax seeds are the best. Then warm up a little. Let excellent, filter, and pour four drops in each ear. This helps eliminate the pain.

Mineral oil

To avoid related earaches. Pour two drops of mineral oil into each ear before bathing. This will stabilize the pressure differences underwater.

As we see, before an earache, many alternatives are beyond those cumbersome treatments with pills that are sometimes very expensive and others that cause uncomfortable side effects.

An oil, a seed, or food can perfectly serve as a home treatment for earaches. In addition, they are available to anyone.