Chromotherapy: Color Therapy and Body Healing

The Light as Therapy for Healing.

We all know that light is composed of colors. Along with colors, light is also composed of chemical and emotional elements, since it emits heat, electricity and magnetism.

Thus, light, together with its component colors, can be used for the healing of the mind, body and spirit. This is the basic principle behind chromotherapy or color therapy .

The different colors have different effects on the mind and body. Today, there is sufficient evidence of these organic reactions in the flora and fauna. The powers and qualities of each object are determined by the color of that object. Even in everyday language this denotation is used, for example:

  • Rose of health.
  • Blues Monday morning.
  • Green of envy.

Chromotherapy for the mind and spirit

Chromotherapy or color therapy, can be used to improve the mind and spirit , as an example, certain colors used in clothing can help highlight the color of the eyes, hair, others.

Because some colors help more and complement, it is natural to feel more secure with them. By choosing a color palette that suits our personality, we can actually get better results in professional and personal life.

Today, there is enough scientific evidence that shows how we respond emotionally and psychologically to colors. Modern color therapy is known to stimulate emotions and feelings such as:

  1. The vitality and passion (red).
  2. Optimism and expansion (orange).
  3. Healing and growth (green).
  4. Joy and creativity (yellow).

Color therapy for the body

When chromotherapy is used for the healing of the body, it uses colors based on its electrical and heating properties. Some really cool colors calm the nerves (for example, dark violet and indigo), while some colors can excite or warm the blood (for example, red-orange or dark red, etc.).

Some examples of chromotherapy for the healing of the body:

1. Red, in color therapy, is used to stimulate and increase the action of arterial blood. Therefore, drugs that are red in color, such as pepper, cloves, balsam from Peru, red cedar and musk, are used to stimulate oxygen in the blood.

2. Blue and violet colors have cooling and electric properties. Drugs such as belladonna, aconite, foxglove and ergot are used to treat diarrhea, delirium and diuresis that are the result of overheating the body.

The best colors used in chromotherapy to cure different parts of the body.

  1. Brain and nerves: soft colors like blue, violet and indigo.
  2. The neck and thorax: cobalt blue for its cooling and heating properties.
  3. The digestive disorders: red and yellow to stimulate digestive juices, as well as blue and violet to stimulate saliva.
  4. Lower extremity disorders: warm colors such as red orange and orange.

Caution and contraindications of chromotherapy.

Colors can heal, but also have detrimental and disastrous effects. For example, when the nerves are overexcited, irritable, palpitations, high fever, inflammation or neuralgia the reddish tones, the yellow or orange color should not be used.

In the same way, blue, indigo and violet should be avoided in cases of paralysis, gout, rheumatism or cold, since these colors are causing cooling.