Auricular Acupuncture or Auriculotherapy: What is it? Indications and Contraindications


Auriculotherapy is now one of the most popular alternative medicine methods, not only in China and the East, but throughout the West. The method unlike other techniques has met the expectations of the public due to its achievements and because it is generally less invasive, which significantly pleases patients.

The importance of strengthening Auricular Acupuncture was taught by Professor Nogier de Francia, who has devoted many years of his life to the study of methods, books and editorial articles. The last name that deserves to be mentioned in Auriculotherapy is Professor Huang Chun Li, for his experience in uninterrupted investigations accumulated over time in the search for results in this field.

The Auriculoterapia of acupuncture is a technique that uses the pinna for therapeutic treatments using reflection the atria has especially the central nervous system. The use of this technique as a therapeutic goal comes from ancient times in the East and in ancient Europe. There are reports that women of ancient Egypt used auricular points as a form of contraception, in the century, 2500 BC, other reports, such as those of the writer Hippocrates, and translated in the year 1851 by Litfreé say that the incisions made in the pavilion from the ear of the human being produced a sparse, inactive and fruitless ejaculation.

The same Hippocrates to write “The Book of Epidemics”, indicated the puncture with stiletto heels in the ear cups for the treatment of inflammatory processes. The main work of acupuncture, found in the book “Hung Ti Nei Ching”, written more than 5,000 years ago, brings reports that the pavilion of the ear is an isolated organ that maintains relationships with other organs and body parts. through the reflection of the brain, among other notes.

Indications in Auriculotherapy

We can use auriculotherapy as a treatment method for all physical and psychological problems. Based on the direct impact on the brain and through this throughout our body. This can be associated or not with other types of treatment.

The treatment with acupuncture is directed not only to treat the site or organ involved, since it acts on the whole system, stimulating the mechanism of compensation and balance throughout the body to remedy the problem. The auricular acupunctureregulates and normalizes body functions as a whole.

The various functions of the body are interrelated, and if there is a disorder that alters this relationship, the disease can be stabilized in this case, with the help of auricular acupuncture that will restore well-being and health, as well as treating various types of problems such as : acne, arthritis, osteoarthritis, asthma, sciatica, circulation, cystitis, colic, conjunctivitis, constipation, dermatitis, general pain, epilepsy, frigidity, gastritis, hemorrhoids, hypertension, impotence, insomnia, hair loss, rhinitis, panic attacks, nervous tension, ulcers, addictions among many more.

In addition, a very effective result has been demonstrated in the following treatments:

– Anxiety / depression / stress
– Smoking / Alcohol / Drugs
– Thinning
– Allergies
– Tendinitis (LER)
– Pain in the spine, joint pain
– Headaches / migraines
– Hypertension
– Menstrual cramps and menstrual irregularities
– Problems fertility
– Temporomandibular joint disorders
– Digestive system diseases
– Height problems / labyrinthitis / vertigo

This technique can achieve immediate curative effects, as it can also surprise us with preventive treatments. It is applied mainly in all disorders of the musculoskeletal system, for symptoms such as menstrual cramps and pain, constipation, pain related to the nervous system, respiratory and dermatological problems.

Who can benefit from this technology?

It can be applied to patients of any age, babies, children and elderly adults.


There are no contraindications, but they can present, adverse phenomena or rejection. In the rejection can be found symptoms such as pain, excessive sensitivity, nausea, sweating, and inflammation in the place of application.

The Auriculotherapy is performed once a week and each visit lasts about 40 minutes. Stiperterapy – Acupuncture without needles is a new therapeutic resource used in various therapies.