Septilin: Indications, Mechanism of Action, Dosage, Side Effects, Warnings, Contraindications and Interactions

It is a drug that strengthens the body’s immunity.

Its ingredients make the body more robust and resistant to diseases such as coughs and colds.

The active ingredient of Septilin

Its active ingredients are:

  • Balsamodendron Mukul.
  • Shankh bhasma.
  • Tinospora cordifolia.
  • Rubia cordifolia.
  • Emblica Officinalis.
  • Moringa pterygosperma.
  • Glycyrrhiza glabra.


It is available in the form of syrup and tablets.


Septilin is used for allergic rhinitis, stomach upset, viral infections, skin whitening, diabetes, bacterial infections, lowering high cholesterol, fungal infection, bacterial infection, peptic ulcer disease, and other conditions.

Among the benefits of Septilin are:

Boosts immunity

The main benefit of Septilin is that it increases immunity naturally.


It increases the production of disease-fighting white blood cells and increases hemoglobin levels.

Fast recovery

Septilin increases the overall strength of the body. It also helps wounds heal faster.

It is used in conjunction with pain relievers to recover quickly after surgeries, as it increases the speed of recovery in postoperative conditions.

Maintains the health of the respiratory system

Being a natural expectorant, it clears the upper respiratory tract: and the nasal and bronchial passages, making it beneficial in treating bronchitis, allergies, infections, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, and nasal inflammation.

Septilin, used orally, is a valuable adjunct to other measures taken to treat patients with chronic bronchitis.

Septilin is a multi-herbal formula that provides an immunomodulatory activity that enhances natural immunity.

Protects from infection

The antiviral nature of Septilin helps the body fight infections of the ears, throat, kidneys, lungs, and more; it also reduces the recurrence of diseases in people who are prone to them.

Reduce fever

The antipyretic properties of Septilin help reduce fevers naturally.

Mechanism of action of Septilin

Septilin works by eliminating free radicals and acts:

  • Promoting insulin secretion and also inhibiting gluconeogenesis and glycogenolysis.
  • Stimulating the growth of bone-forming cells.
  • Decreasing the resistance to HIV.
  • Decreasing serum transaminase levels.
  • Protecting the skin against oxidative damage.
  • Dispersing melanin due to the presence of liquidity.
  • Inhibiting the formation of prostaglandins and the activity of cyclooxygenase.
  • Inhibiting the growth of viruses.
  • Decreasing the production of liver steroids.


The dose of septilin in tablets

In children: administer one tablet twice a day.

In adults: 2 tablets twice a day.

The dose of septilin syrup

In children: 1 teaspoon three times a day.

In adults: 2 teaspoons three times a day.

Side effects

Since it is an entirely natural medicine, there are no reported side effects of Septilin. However, if an allergic reaction is observed after consuming the drug, it should be stopped immediately.

Among the possible side effects of all the ingredients that make up Septilin.

These side effects are possible, but they don’t always happen. Some of the side effects can be rare but serious.

A doctor should be consulted if any of the following side effects are observed, especially if they do not go away.

  • Skin rash.
  • High blood pressure
  • Soft spot.
  • Gastrointestinal upset.
  • Paralysis.
  • Low potassium levels.
  • Diarrhea .
  • Irregular menstruation.
  • Fatigue.

Warnings and Contraindications

Hypersensitivity to Septilin is a contraindication. Septilin should not be administered in pediatric patients.

Before using Septilin, the doctor should be informed of the medications taken, such as vitamins and herbal supplements.

You must also inform about pre-existing diseases and current health conditions or intend to undergo an upcoming surgery.

Some health conditions can make the patient more susceptible to the side effects that Septilin may cause.

The doctor’s instructions should be followed, or the instructions printed on the product insert should be followed.

Dosage is based on the patient’s condition.

Important points to keep in mind when administering Septilin are listed below.

  • Regularly check the level of glucose in the blood.
  • If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant.
  • If you are breastfeeding.

Septilin interactions

If other medicines or over-the-counter products are taken simultaneously, the effects of Septilin may change.

The risk of side effects or that the medicine may not work properly may increase if taken with some drugs. Septilin can interact with:

  • Azathioprine.
  • Basiliximab.
  • Digoxin .
  • Estrogens
  • Glimepiride.
  • Insulin.
  • Warfarin .