Meneparol: Presentation, Indications, Mechanism of Action, Dosage, Side Effects, Warnings and Interactions

It is a medicine that contains a combination of L-citrulline, L-orinithine and cyanocobalamin, three amino acids as active principles.

It is indicated for the treatment of liver problems and its protection.

This drug activates lipid metabolism, acting in situations that can alter the metabolic balance, liver function, as well as having a detoxifying action on the liver.

Active ingredients of meneparol

Each 12 ml vial contains:

  • 15 mg of L-citrulline, 15 mg of L-ornithine hydrochloride, 60 mg of L-arginine hydrochloride, 300 mcg of Cyanocobalamin, 360 mg of Hepatic extracts, 3 mg of Saccharin sodium. 6.43 gr of Sorbitol 70% and other excipients.


Meneparol is presented for marketing in a box containing 10 drinkable vials in individual doses of 12 ml each.


Due to the regenerative properties of the liver of lipotropics such as meneparol, this drug exerts a primarily protective action as an antitoxic and normalizes the function of liver cells.

Meneparol is indicated as a collaborator in both exogenous and endogenous toxicosis therapies , which are caused, among others, by some foods, in chronic alcohol intake, hepatotoxic drugs, which cause severe peroxidation

This drug is also recommended as part of the treatments used in cirrogenic liver disease, liver failure syndrome, hepatitis, and hepatosis.

Mechanism of action

Meneparol is a drug that is presented in liquid form for oral use in which three amino acids such as: L-citrulline, L-ornithine, L-arginine, are associated with the antitoxic fraction of the liver extract, that is to say, cyanocobalamin and sorbitol.

This combination of meneparol drugs carries out an important drug-therapeutic activity in the liver, both in the process of displaying the detoxifying action at the liver level, as well as in the process of protection and improving the various functions carried out by the cells. liverworts.

The transformation of ammonia that takes place in the body by deamination of amino acids, results in the formation of urea as the end product of protein metabolism.

Citrulline, ornithine and arginine participate as true catalysts in this process of uregenesis.

It has been experimentally shown that these three active amino acids, are the intermediate fundamental links, accelerate the ureagenic metabolic process.

They also contribute to the elimination of ammoniacal bodies from the body, which are very important in the development of neurotoxic manifestations, which are characteristic in the manifestations of liver failure.

The association of citrulline, ornithine and arginine have demonstrated their efficacy as hepatoprotectors.

This hepatoprotective activity on liver cells exerted by meneparol is strengthened with the addition of other components such as antitoxic liver extract and cyanocobalamin in high doses.

This results in that this drug increases its properties and, together with its antitoxic action, has lipotropic properties, in the regeneration and normalization of the metabolism of liver cells.

Sorbitol is another component that helps in nutrition and improving the function of liver cells.


In children over 6 years of age and in adults, the recommended dose of meneparol is 1 to 2 vials a day, before main meals.

In children under 6 years of age, meneparol should be administered in doses of one vial per day.

Side effects of meneparol

No side effects have been reported with the administration of meneparol, tolerance is generally optimal.

In reduced doses and with the doctor’s prescription, this medicine can be used in pediatric patients.

Warnings and Contraindications

Drugs administered during pregnancy can cause adverse effects on the embryo or fetus. If you are pregnant or you suspect that you may be, the doctor should be informed for surveillance.

During lactation the medicines can pass into breast milk, and it can be dangerous for the baby, consult your doctor before taking this medicine.

Meneparol should not be administered in case of allergy to the active substances and other components of the medicine.


Interactions of meneparol with other medications have not yet been described.

Effects of misuse of meneparol

Misuse of meneparol by injection can lead to skin problems and general disorders.