Mederma: Uses, Active Compounds

It is a medicine sold without medical formula used to treat scars.

It comes in the form of gel and cream. To better understand how Mederma works, we must first understand how a scar forms. When the skin is cut, the organism starts the growth of new fibers that do not take the place of old skin but protect the inner layers of the body’s exposure. Known as scar tissue, this skin is generally lighter, stronger, and more fibrous than the surrounding skin. Since it is not a highly vascularized tissue, healing can be difficult because the sweat glands that maintain the moisture of the scar are usually damaged.

Alternatives to the use of Mederma and its active compounds

The active ingredient is Allium, an onion extract with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Once the scar tissue appears, a protective barrier forms on the skin, the Allium Mederma product acts as a producer of this scar tissue until the wound has completely healed. In addition to the extract of onion, aloe vera is included in the Mederma since this is also used to soften the scar, so it allows to make the wound less voluminous on the skin.

Use only under medical guidance.

The Mederma should be applied to the affected area only after the wound has begun to heal. Using it in an open wound can cause a burning or pain sensation and, in turn, is ineffective in the fight against the scar. The application is recommended three times a day to keep the moisture and scar-free bacteria. It should be applied for eight weeks in an old spot for three to six months.

The product label says that patients should start seeing results in four weeks. Although the Mederma is a product sold without any restriction and a medical formula is not necessary, it is also recommended to follow the instructions and consult your doctor in case of any allergy, irritation, or itching, since there may be people who are not very tolerant to specific chemical components because they have overly sensitive skins.