Oligospermia: What is it? Treatments

It refers to a low abnormal concentration of sperm in men’s sperm, sometimes causing fertility problems.

According to the investigations, it is detected when there are less than 20 million sperm in each milliliter of semen. It can be differentiated from azoospermia,  which is a complete absence of sperm when it is ejaculating.

The diagnosis is identified when the person is tested for sperm due to infertility, affecting their partner or partner. The causes are varied. So it can be, for example, a genetic problem, hormonal insufficiency, abnormal position of one or both testicles in the case of cryptorchidism, blows in the testicles, a consequence of a genital infection, drug-induced disorders (hallucinogens) …

Known treatments for oligospermia

A plant begins to be well known as the “Peruvian Maca.” There are scientific articles on the relationship between Peruvian Maca (sold in some health food stores) and spermatogenesis on this plant because this plant helps produce large amounts of sperm.

The infertile couple can use different methods, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) or artificial insemination, to facilitate the encounter of a sperm and an egg to start a pregnancy. In some European countries, some heterosexual married couples who live together and adults use the previous techniques to procreate.

There is also intracervical insemination; this occurs in the cervix. Intrauterine insemination occurs in the part of the uterine cavity. The child is the genetic son of the couple since it comes from the mother’s ovum and the sperm of the father for better the couple’s satisfaction.