Cormillot Diets: History, Menu, Maintenance and Recommendations

It was designed by the Argentine doctor Alberto Everardo Julio Cormillot, a specialist in obesity, born in Buenos Aires in 1938.

It is based on six meals a day, varying “the colors of the vegetables,” products of the earth with few sugars and few fats.

Undoubtedly he is a veteran in the field of medicine with 55 years of practice, and where the work has given him the possibility of publishing more than 40 books related to health education, six collections of bundles, and directing the magazine Living Better.

He has also published almost nothing else and no less than 100 scientific articles and participated in more than 500 specialized congresses on the subject throughout the world.

Today, he is considered one of the essential nutritionists on the international scene. His success has resulted, in large part, from his latest books as System P. The plan to live better and maintain a healthy weight?

What is the diet of Doctor Cormillot?

According to the philosophy imposed by the doctor, different keys are established when making a successful diet.

It is necessary to plan an intake that is possible exclusively for each person, where he explains in a fun way that we have to eat many things that do not move (food from the earth, except oil and sugar).


Moreover, you have to eat the same amount of calories, either in summer or winter.

None of the plans has to be successful in the short term, but in a long time, Cormillot is not in favor of the miracle diets of the different diets that circulate in the market.

Now, look carefully at his practical tips that we leave you to elaborate on:

One of the primary and most revolutionary pillars is to make six meals a day, and if you can not, they are preferably five.

Increase of vegetables and fruits, with particular emphasis on the variation of color, since vegetables help us satisfy in a complete way than other types of less beneficial foods.

We must force ourselves to carry out an intake of products from the earth with few fats, vegetables, and sugars.

Alcohol is not forbidden, but it must be drunk maturely and controlled.

Another revolutionary piece of advice by Alberto Cormillot is simple, “eat more.” At first glance, an adequate intake of foods such as vegetables and fruits in the food can cause the amounts to increase markedly.

Keep in mind that a hamburger can be replaced by several pieces of fruit, something that exceeds the first food quantity.

Avoid foods like butter, margarine, butter, and creams, whether cocoa or other substances. Ideally, the doctor contributes to replacing the confectionary fats by cooking vegetal dew.

Water occupies volume and does not contain more or less than zero calories. Therefore, if we introduce foods with large volumes of water or other liquids (soups or stews) into our diet, we will be filled with fewer calories.

As in all diets, physical activity plays a transcendental role, where it is necessary not to fall into a sedentary lifestyle or passivity.

Diet example Alberto Cormillot

In the following table, we present a diet prepared by the doctor that consists of a total of 1,500 calories and is part of one of his latest books:


  • Breakfast: infusion with half a cup of skim milk + 3 gluten-free toasts with skimmed ricotta + 1 scrambled egg.
  • Mid-morning: yogurt skimmed with berries.
  • Lunch: Lentil salad, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, onion, and chile + 2 skewers of banana, orange, and kiwi.
  • Mid-afternoon: light soda + 2 cookies.
  • Snack: infusion with half a cup of skim milk + 2 whole-wheat toast with low-fat cheese.
  • Dinner: grilled tenderloin steak + lettuce, carrot, celery, egg white salad + light milk dessert.


  • Breakfast: infusion with half a cup of skim milk + 2 slices of wholemeal bread with two cheese slices.
  • Mid-morning: 1 coffee cut + 1 roll of light dough with white cheese and kiwi in chunks.
  • Lunch: Eggplant with Neapolitan eggplant with fresh and light cheese + spring salad (peas, carrot, and corn) + soft gelatin with pieces of fruit.
  • Mid-afternoon: infusion + 2 sweet cookies.
  • Snack: infusion with half a cup of skim milk + 2 whole-wheat toast with light butter.
  • Dinner: Lightly seared hake fillet (baked and with whole wheat flour) + fennel salad, watercress, cherry tomatoes + light flan with two chopped nuts.


  • Breakfast: infusion with half a cup of skim milk + 3 whole-grain crackers with low-fat cheese.
  • Mid-morning: 1 fermented milk + non-fat yogurt with cereals without sugar.
  • Lunch: salad of brown rice, lettuce, onion, tomato, white cabbage, and one hard egg + 1 apple roasted with cinnamon.
  • Mid-afternoon: 1 glass of diluted juice + 1 slice of lean cheese.
  • Snack: infusion with half a cup of skim milk + 3 water cookies with light jam.
  • Dinner: Supreme to the lemon salad + spinach, radishes, mushrooms + 1 cup of strawberries.


  • Breakfast: Infusion with half a cup of skim milk + 2 toasted bread with seeds, light jam, and a half slice of cheese sauteed to the port.
  • Mid-morning: 1 glass of skim milk + 2 pieces of soft cheese.
  • Lunch: baked spinach omelet + cauchas salad, cauliflower and asparagus + 2 pineapple slices in light syrup.
  • Mid-afternoon: 1 measure of ice cream.
  • Snack: infusion with half a cup of skim milk + 3 flan cookies with low-fat cheese.
  • Dinner: 1 Milanese meat + salad of cabbage, carrot, and green onion + 1 light mousse with two chopped almonds.


  • Breakfast: infusion with half a cup of skim milk + 1 bran mignon with one machine cheese feta cheese.
  • Mid-morning: 1 yogurt skimmed with apple and orange in pieces.
  • Lunch: vegetable pudding with one egg and two egg whites + cherry tomatoes, onion, and cucumbers + 1 rice with milk with light milk.
  • Mid-afternoon: soda light + 1 pear in compote.
  • Snack: infusion with half a cup of skim milk + 2 cookies.
  • Dinner: 2 halves of tomatoes stuffed with tuna + carrot and grated beetroot salad + soft gelatin with low-fat yogurt.


  • Breakfast: infusion with half a cup of skim milk + 4 French toast with light butter + 1 hard-boiled egg.
  • Mid-morning: 1 cup of fruit salad and two chopped nuts.
  • Lunch: chickpea casserole with chili, onion, bean sprouts, zucchini, and tomato + light chocolate dessert.
  • Mid-afternoon: Cappuccino light + 2 oatmeal cookies and raisins.
  • Snack: infusion with half a cup of skim milk + 3 whole-grain crackers with low-fat cheese.
  • Dinner: 2 servings of whole-grain pizza with Salut light port cheese, chard, two green olives + coleslaw, one tablespoon of blond raisins + 1 ice cream bowl.


  • Breakfast: Strawberry and kiwis liqueur made with one glass of skim milk and sweetener + 3 cookies.
  • Mid-morning: Light gas + 2 cubanitos of light.
  • Lunch: 1 dessert-sized ricotta ravioli dish with steak sauce + palmito salad, tomato, and lettuce + soft gelatin with low-fat cheese covered with vanilla essence.
  • Mid-afternoon: 1 glass of light soy juice + 3 plum apricots.
  • Snack: infusion with half a cup of skim milk + 3 sesame crackers with light jam.
  • Dinner: scrambled eggs with zucchini and aubergines + pumpkin and baked potatoes + salad.

How to maintain weight after doing the Cormillot diet?

The advice offered to us begins in the first instance against the balance. We should not be afraid of it, and that is why we should weigh ourselves daily to observe how our body evolves.

It is also advisable to start a physical activity, a routine, and if we already enjoy it, keep it. This will be crucial, and even more, choose one that is not cumbersome and that we can enjoy when it comes to motivating us.

Controlling stress becomes very significant. It also explains the creation of stress causes that different types of substances are released that contribute to the generation of fat in our body.

Especially in the abdominal area (which is also the most difficult to eliminate).

For the same reason, stress also increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes. That is why it is unnecessary to eat your head to unsuspected limits and relax and free your mind from time to time.

Moreover last but not least, Dr. Alberto Cormillot tells us that we must stay away from temptations and everything that leads us down the path we leave. Excesses with drink, bad habits and of course food with high levels of fats.

After a successful and prolonged diet, insufficient time controls the intake of calories that we ingest at the end of the day to maintain the physical tone that had previously been gained.

Recommendations of Dr. Cormillot

Every second passes when talking about a world where eating habits get worse.

The cause of this, according to the doctor, is not only one but several, among which we find genetic, nutritional, and social habits such as a sedentary lifestyle.

This last cause is given by the breadth of the food offerings and the changes in “habits, purchase, and consumption.”

The solution?

He explains that there is a lot in them, their treatments, and their benefits. Still, there is one crucial factor; it refers to the education that is taught from the moment it grows until it grows to lead a healthy and nutritious life and a healthy way on all levels.