Orange Skin: The Uses That You Would Never Think That Exist

Discover several reasons why you should not throw away the orange peel

Many times, we believe that certain foods have no other uses, ignoring that, on the contrary, we can give them a variety of functions. Such is the case of orange peel, which has a multiplicity of uses for beauty, seasoning and even making fires.

This is probably the clearest of all uses for orange peels: Dusting an orange peel with a shredder is a great way to add a sweet taste to your meals, but also to marinate, for example, meat or other baked dishes.

Fruity benefits of orange peel for brown sugar

Add your orange peels to brown sugar to help remove moisture and prevent it from solidifying.

Orange peel and combustion

The orange peel can also be used to start a fire. So, the next time you are on a camping trip, use a dry orange peel to light the firewood. Or, use it in large quantities to make your fires and fires more fragrant and bright, for example, in a special outdoor meeting.

Orange skin immersed in chocolate

A wonderful delicacy is the candied orange peels. Well, they are a popular snack after food, in a number of European cultures. And they are easy enough to do too. Just melt some chocolate and cover one or all sides in a sugary orange peel.

Convert the orange peel into candy

Candied orange peel is made by boiling a dried orange peel in sugar for about an hour. You can then coat it in chocolate as mentioned above, or roll around sugar for an even sweeter taste.

Orange peel and olive oil

If you want to give your salads a unique flavor, place a dried orange peel in your olive oil to make your vegetables less monotonous.

Orange peel tea

No need for tea bags here. Dry some orange peels and place them in hot water the next time you are craving a warm “orange” drink. Orange tea is also ideal for when you feel congested.

Like a natural sponge

Orange peels can be used as a sponge as well.

Before the shell dries completely, it contains a series of essential oils that are useful on surfaces that need degreasing, such as pots and pans. If your sink or counter is full of grease, use an orange peel to scrub them.

As deodorant and cleaner power

It is no secret that the smell of a freshly peeled orange can clear the air in a room. Place the orange peel on the bottom of your trash can, or hang the shells as a chain in your bathroom for a constant fresh smell.

The orange peel can be reused as a homemade cleaner. Just cut several pieces of shells and place them in a container, which should marinate at least ten days, with vinegar.

This way you will not have to spend a lot of money on cleaning products and, apart from this advice, you will surely get out of trouble in case you do not have conventional household cleaners.

The air freshener effect of orange peel

Orange peels can be boiled in hot water to help cool the air in the kitchen. You can also add a stick of cinnamon or mint in the mix if you want to recreate the smell of air fresheners.

As it has been appreciated, the skin of orange has a variety of uses. Now that you know, what are you going to do with your next orange peels? Surely everything, except throw them away.

Get the most out of your orange peels and enjoy all the benefits it has to offer. Whether it is in yourself, in the difficult areas to be cleaned from your home or as an environmental essence, there is much you can achieve with them.