Menstrual Cycle of Women: Care During the Period


What happens during the menstrual cycle?

Each menstrual cycle begins with menstruation where. Its duration can vary between 3 or 7 days; this period is characterized by the physical changes in the woman’s body since bleeding occurs through the vagina; on the first day of bleeding, the first day of the menstrual cycle begins.

The onset of menstruation is evidenced by a smaller amount of blood reaching the endometrium, which causes the cells inside to die and detach, causing their capillaries to bleed, so the walls of the uterus begin to contract to help the cells die, and blood goes outside, within the next five days approximately after menstruation the walls of the endometrium begin to recover and swell naturally for a possible pregnancy. You can use a Dicynone tablet for Capillary bleeding.

In this way, the same process is carried out in which an ovum emerges from the ovaries, making its way through if not fertilized by a sperm, giving way to menstruation and the beginning of the menstrual cycle.

During adolescence, being the first years in which menstruation occurs, the periods are usually very irregular because the times in which bleeding begins and ends can vary frequently; there may be pains in the lower abdomen, more commonly known as colic, which usually diminishes with the passage of the years.

On infrequent occasions, women are prevented by the arrival of menstruation and can perform their activities typically; this period should not be seen as an illness or disability; it should not cause fear or shame; it is known that in Some cultures is considered taboo.

Care during the menstrual cycle

Regular personal hygiene is recommended in the genital areas; now, there are unique soaps for the woman’s PH, avoiding irritation, foul odors, and vaginal infections.

It is recommended that to lead a calm sexual life and in order take the count of menstrual cycles, so you will have more confidence in knowing which are the fertile days, the day of ovulation, and the days that you can get pregnant. It should be noted that for responsible sexuality today, there are many methods of contraception, such as pills, injections, condoms, and various types of devices.