Meet and Try These 25 Fantastic Recipes with Figs

They have first cultivated in Egypt thousands of years ago and have a long culinary history dating back to many ancient populations.

Nutrient-rich figs were even mentioned in the Bible and some other ancient writings, with many people referring to them as “holy” food.

Fig recipes became more popular in ancient Greece and Rome around the 9th century BC. C., when its uses began to spread. Figs were introduced to the Western Hemisphere during the 16th century when Spanish conquerors brought them abroad during travel.

Figs are a fruit native to the regions of Europe and the Middle East that have been part of traditional diets for thousands of years.

Today they are widely available and famous worldwide, making an appearance in a wide variety of international cuisines.

While they are often found dry due to their short harvest season, figs are entirely edible when fresh (and delicious, too!).

In addition to this, figs contain some impressive health benefits. This is what makes fig recipes so easy and essential to prepare!


The consumption of figs can improve constipation and regulate diseases of the ovaries.

Note: The use of natural sweeteners like raw honey, real maple syrup, or organic coconut sugar is recommended to get the most nutrients out of these recipes.

You should also eliminate conventional cow’s milk and use organic, grass-fed coconut milk, almond milk, or goat’s milk or cheese, replace table salt with sea salt, and replace canola and vegetable oil with coconut oil, oil olive, or ghee.

You can replace olive oil with avocado oil when cooking at a high temperature.

Figs are often described as having a unique “velvety” taste. When fresh, their “meat” is soft, sordid, and sweet, though not overpowering.

What makes figs so good is their ability to be versatile in many different types of recipes, from low-sugar homemade jams to grass-fed beef entrees.

Because they last a long time in dry form without spoiling, they are a great kitchen food to keep on hand that you can use in many ways. Fig recipes are perfect to start experimenting with rotating your breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Note that any recipe that calls for peaches, pears, prunes, or dates can successfully substitute for figs.

So feel free to change up some of your favorite salads or meat dishes by adding figs that you wouldn’t usually think of. If you’re still not sure what to do with your recently purchased figs, take inspiration from the variety of fig recipes below.

Here are 25 fantastic recipes with figs

Breakfasts with figs

  1. Baked oatmeal with figs and walnuts

Oatmeal is a breakfast staple for many reasons – it keeps you complete, it’s gluten-free, and it’s an excellent vehicle for any filling you like, including figs!

Add extra nuts or even organic yogurt to bring some healthy protein and fat to this easy recipe.

  1. Fig, coconut, and quinoa granola

This is not your average overly sugary granola. Quinoa and oatmeal make this breakfast gluten-free and high in protein, especially with organic Greek yogurt and nuts.

  1. Oatmeal bar with figs

They are sweet and filling, making them an excellent option for breakfast or even a filling dessert. Do not worry! There is no gluten in this crust. These fig bars are entirely vegan and gluten-free.

  1. Chia and vanilla pudding with figs

The nutritional benefits of chia seeds plus potassium-rich figs make this a potent yet tasty breakfast. Add some sauteed plums or drizzle with Manuka honey for an extra boost to your immune system.

  1. Creamy fig, cardamom, and cashew smoothie

If you are looking for a way to reduce your sugar intake and the number of vegetables you are eating in a day, this creamy fennel and cardamom smoothie offers you a unique and fun way to thicken your sweet drink without using the traditional banana.

Aside from the only thickening agent, this creamy fig cardamom smoothie will be a hit if you’re craving something thick and creamy.

  1. Fig and olive tapenade

The traditional olive tapenade is delicious, but the addition of the fig takes this recipe up a notch and gives it a unique edge. You can serve this topping with crackers or bread for the perfect appetizer or eat it as an appetizer.

  1. Fig, walnut and rosemary cookies

If you’re not getting enough of the fig mentioned above and olive tapenade, you can spread the mixture on these homemade fig pecan cookies. Otherwise, I enjoy these goat cheese on top of crackers and even on their own.

Since they last up to a week, you can take them anytime you want a healthy crunch.

  1. Summer fig and watermelon salad with feta cheese

Talk about an explosion of flavor. This watermelon fig salad has distinctive flavors of figs, watermelon, feta, mint, basil, balsamic, etc. Your tastes won’t get bored with this recipe, and it’s a very refreshing recipe.

  1. Figs stuffed with goat cheese.

These goat cheese figs would make a perfect savory snack when you have guests. They seem impressive, but they come together quickly and require only a few essential ingredients. Look for high-quality organic cheese to get the most out of this simple recipe.

  1. Fig compote and apple butter

If you are tired of almond butter and are avoiding peanut butter-like many people, this may be the perfect answer to your “butter” question.

Making fig apple butter in a slow cooker is a huge time saver and allows the recipe to cook on its own while you’re away. Use on top of old grain sprouted toast, in a salad dressing, or as a drizzle on top of plain yogurt.

  1. Roasted beets and fig salad

This seasonal salad would be a perfect accompaniment to a family activity or any home-cooked meal on a special night.

The deep colors of the beets and figs make this salad beautiful in presentation, while the earthy flavor of the beets balances the sweetness of the figs.

  1. Marinated fig and arugula salad with cheese and walnuts

Arugula has a sharp peppery flavor; It is a good base for a salad dressed with a classic cheese mix (use goat’s or sheep’s milk), figs, and walnuts.

You can even make your fig vinaigrette from scratch by blending in figs after they have soaked overnight, which softens them, so they don’t stick in the food processor or blender.

  1. Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Balsamic Fig Reduction

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like roasted Brussels sprouts, even those who say they won’t. Figs balance out the unique flavor of Brussels sprouts in this healthy dish and give them a hint of sweetness in place of the commonly used blueberries.

  1. Kale Salad with Figs, Avocado, and Sesame Dressing

You know you should eat your kale, but maybe you haven’t found a way to make a kale salad that you enjoy yet?

The figs are paired with avocado and sesame dressing to create a tangy-flavored salad that helps balance out the kale flavor if you’re not the biggest fan of its slightly bitter taste.

Here are some main dishes with figs

  1. Roast Chicken with Figs and Paleo Olives

This recipe’s combination of figs, olives, and thyme gives regular rotisserie chicken a fantastic sweet, salty, and savory flavor. Using bone broth in this Paleo meal also provides an extra boost to the nutrient profile.

  1. Turkey stuffed with figs and pumpkin.

Making this stuffed turkey dish would be an intelligent way to use some leftover turkey.

It’s also a good recipe to put in your weeknight dinner rotation, as it could easily double in size and save leftovers to make great sandwiches for lunch the next day.

  1. Fig, goat cheese, and pistachio stuffed chicken with fig and balsamic sauce

Nobody likes to clean a lot of dishes after cooking dinner. Fortunately, this meal only requires one skillet and takes less than 30 minutes to cook. What more could you ask for?

This dinner option is straightforward and doesn’t mean you skimp on flavor (because you don’t).

  1. Green Goddess bowl with figs

In total, this nutritious container fuels your body with the purest nutrients these fruits and vegetables have to offer.

Consuming the maximum amount of nutrients from uncooked foods is one of the main reasons people turn to the raw food diet. Mixed with a delicious “green goddess” dressing, this is a tasty way to get your veggie filling.

  1. Pizza with cheese, pears, fig, and goat kefir

Everyone loves pizza, but not everyone likes to have all that wheat, cheese, and fat. Swap out your regular pizza for something much more unique, like this fruity pizza, which balances creamy, slightly tart goat cheese with tasty figs, berries, and pears.

Just substitute powdered milk for sprouted cornmeal and goat or cow kefir (unless you have raw or grass-fed buttermilk).

  1. Grilled lamb and fig skewers with a peppermint glaze

Next time you fire up the grill, try these Grilled Fig Lamb Kabobs. They are brushed with a peppermint glaze, giving the meat a unique and refreshing flavor. Along with figs, a sweet and refreshing meal awaits you.

Prepare and taste these delicious desserts with figs.

  1. Paleo Fig Cheesecake

You will be drawn to this fig cheesecake first because it looks beautiful. So, you will be impressed with the taste.

The best part: If you avoid dairy, you can still enjoy this decadent cheesecake as it is dairy-free. Skip the honey drizzle on top if you want this recipe to be completely vegan.

  1. Figs covered in chocolate with sea salt.

This easy dessert recipe is the perfect way to get a double dose of antioxidants in every tasty bite.

Use a high percentage of cocoa (75 percent and up is good) to get the most out of this recipe.

  1. Sweet fig truffles

If you have kids who love munchkin donuts, this is your dessert!

These little “energy balls” are packed with healthier ingredients than the processed and overly sugary types you’ll find in coffee shops, so you can feel so much better about giving them to your kids (and having some yourself).

These would be a great snack to pack with your school lunch or take on car trips when you need some healthy snacks.

  1. Newtons cookies with paleo figs

Do you wish for a sweet gift? It can’t get much healthier than this recipe. These Paleo Fig Bars are exclusively sweetened with unsweetened figs and applesauce.

These bars are delicious right out of the oven or after cooling. I bet they’re even kid-approved.

  1. Gluten-free chocolate fig cake

While the cake is generally something you want to save for special occasions, why not make the best cake you can when it’s time to celebrate.

Chocolate and figs are a great combination, and figs allow you to use less sugar overall, making them a great alternative to any processed, boxed cake mix.