Cytomax: What is it? Administration, Manufacturer, Function, Ingredients, Advantages and Certification

It is an easy-to-use pre-workout supplement that is designed to provide the energy and nutrients necessary to maintain a vigorous workout.

One serving provides 22 grams of carbohydrates, a daily supply of vitamin C, and a balanced amount of electrolytes and amino acids.

These ingredients are sweetened with natural stevia, which adds sweetness without adding extra sugar or calories. Athletes are instructed to drink one tablespoon of the powder, mixed with a glass of water, 15 minutes before training.

If needed, they can also have another serving during their workout without worrying about the side effects of caffeine or other stimulants.

This supplement is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation, which means that it is free from all prohibited substances and has been found to be appropriate for all athletic competitions.

It is popular with bodybuilders and other types of athletes, especially in the professional and amateur cycling communities.

One container of Cytomax powder measures 1.5 lbs and provides 27 servings of the drink mix. Users report getting immediate energy and increased stamina, and they start to see results within a month of regular use.

Cytomax is available in the following flavors:

  • Fresh citrus.
  • Fresh apple
  • Pomegranate berry.
  • Tropical fruit.
  • Grape.
  • Spicy orange.

Cytomax Administration

  • Mix 1 scoop or 25 grams of Cytomax in 10-12 fl oz (295-355 ml) water.
  • Start drinking 15 minutes before exercise. Drink 5 ounces every 15 minutes.


The manufacturer of Cytomax powder is CytoSport Company, a well-known and established leader in the field of nutritional sports drinks . It was founded in California in 1998 by father and son Greg and Michael Pickett , although it was recently sold to Hormel, a major food and beverage company.

Today, it is sold by a variety of online merchants and in numerous retail stores, and can be found in the United States and internationally, including in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia.

The CytoSport company has received a great deal of media attention for its products and successes, especially for one of its famous protein drinks.

In 2005, that product received a Best Product of the Year award from the bodybuilding website, and in 2008 it won Best Functional Drink and Bevnet’s Drink of the Year awards.

CytoSport itself won a beverage company of the Year award from the beverage marketing corporation in 2009, and its founder, Greg Pickett , was named in the Top 100 Entrepreneurs in 2013 by Goldman Sachs.

The CytoSport company has partnered with leading sports organizations, including the University of Southern California in 2006 and the Chicago Cubs in 2010. It earned the coveted certification from the National Sanitation Foundation, making it safe and appropriate for all athletic competitions, in 2007.

Most recently, CytoSport has been in the news for endorsement of one of its products by famous basketball player Stephen Curry.

How does Cytomax powder work?

Cytomax powder works in two main ways to fuel athletes, providing an energy boost both in the short and long term. The first is to provide the necessary carbohydrates, in a healthy and balanced form, that give an athlete the energy to exercise vigorously.

These 22 grams of carbohydrates are only 90 calories, are free of added sugars, and are naturally fat-free, making them a good option for athletes who want to avoid gaining weight.

The carbohydrates in this supplement are supported by electrolytes, essential vitamins and minerals, and a blend of powerful amino acids. These ingredients help with the initial short-term energy boost, but also provide long-term energy and strength.

For example, added magnesium has been shown to aid muscle healing and increase endurance, while calcium strengthens bones, nerves, and muscles.

People should take a tablespoon of the powder and mix it well with a 10-12 ounce glass of water for best results. They should take their pre-workout supplements about 15 minutes before training, which gives them plenty of time to go to work, but also prevents cramps.

Users report that they feel the effects of the drink almost immediately and see results within a month, especially the increase in fat loss without the corresponding loss of muscle.


The main ingredient in Cytomax powder is its ‘Advanced Carbohydrate System’, which provides athletes with the basic energy needed to fuel their training.

This system is made with maltodextrin, a safe and healthy carbohydrate, along with crystalline fructose, dextrose, and alpha-L-polylactate. These 22 grams of carbohydrates per serving give the supplement 90 calories per serving and provide bodybuilders and other athletes with the energy needed to train.

The carbohydrate supplement is accompanied by a variety of vitamins, such as ascorbic acid, known as vitamin C, and potassium, in the form of potassium citrate. It also boasts of its “Amino Acid Peptide Blend” made of peptides from Whey, L-Glutamine and L-Alanine.

Ingredients have also been added to enhance flavor, including malic acid, sourness, stevia, natural sweetness, and natural and artificial flavors.

The ingredients in this supplement are gluten-free, which is helpful for people who choose to avoid gluten, but it is manufactured in a facility that uses wheat, making it potentially unsafe with celiac disease.

It’s also lactose-free, which benefits lactose-intolerant athletes, but not vegan, as it contains buttermilk and other dairy ingredients.

Using stevia instead of sugar makes it appropriate for most diabetics, but all users should check with their doctors before beginning any supplement or exercise routine.

Advantages of Cytomax powder

The biggest advantage of using Cytomax powder is that it provides a solid 22 grams of carbohydrates, as well as the necessary electrolytes and supporting amino acids, to fuel a vigorous workout , be it bodybuilding or other serious athletic activity.

This combination of ingredients provides an initial boost of energy, but also provides sustained nutrients to power a longer workout. Since it does not contain caffeine, athletes can also have another serving during a workout without risking overstimulation or illness.

Another advantage of this supplement is the convenience of taking it and the pleasant flavors, although some users may prefer a more convenient travel pack rather than a large container.

Users report that the drink mix tastes like a sweet sports drink, and they also say that the taste encourages them to keep drinking it and keep exercising. This sweetness comes from stevia, which is an all-natural, low-calorie ingredient that adds sweetness without adding sugar.

Finally, Cytomax powder, like all CytoSport products, has the advantage of being certified by the National Health Foundation, which ensures that athletes can use this supplement without worrying about dangerous or prohibited ingredients.

The National Sanitation Foundation is a public health organization that tests supplements to make sure they do not contain more than 150 prohibited ingredients, and this supplement meets their requirements.

The National Sanitation Foundation certification is recognized by multiple nonprofit and professional athletic organizations such as Major League Baseball and National Soccer.

Cytomax Powder Certificates

Products manufactured by Cytosport, including Cytomax powder, hold the coveted certification from the National Sanitation Foundation. The National Sanitation Foundation is a recognized public health organization that tests and monitors supplements and other products for quality assurance and for prohibited substances.

They maintain an up-to-date list of over 150 banned substances and regularly evaluate all of their certified companies for compliance.

The National Sanitation Foundation certification is recognized by numerous professional athletic organizations, including Major League Baseball, the National Soccer League, and the Professional Golfers Association.

Athletes and bodybuilders using products certified by the National Sanitation Foundation can trust that all ingredients are safe, legal, and appropriate for all competitions.

Since CytoSport is an American company with facilities located in California, which means it operates under the umbrella of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

It is also certified by good manufacturing practices or (GMP, for its acronym in English). Good manufacturing practice certification ensures that the label is accurate and that the ingredients it contains are safe and effective.

Facilities that receive good manufacturing practice certification are routinely checked for safety and quality.