Diet of the Moon: What is it? Fundamentals, Indications, Benefits and Results

It is a tendency to lose weight that implies the use of a lunar calendar.

Aligning the day of the new moon with the absence of solid foods and following some other suggestions during each of the lunar cycles, it is believed that the lunar diet increases the ability of an individual to lose weight quickly.


Myth and knowledge through time and place have spoken of the effect that the moon can have on living beings. The ocean currents are thrown in directions dictated by the gravitational pull of the moon.

The monthly cycle of a woman runs parallel with the time of the moon. Some believe that a full moon can evoke aggressive behavior or cause danger.

Others may believe that the moon has secret spiritual powers. Proponents of the lunar diet believe that the mysterious nature of the moon may also be the key to weight loss and detoxification.

What are the indications of the diet of the moon?

Full moon:

The best time to start the lunar diet is 2 to 3 days before the full moon. When following the lunar diet, on the day of the full moon you are told to eat less than normal and not to eat anything after 6 pm

In the full moon it is also indicated to fast to increase weight loss, since it is said that the cravings for unhealthy substances reach their peak during this time.

Drinking lots of water and a variety of nutritious juices will give the body the extra energy it needs. However, drinking alcohol or milk is prohibited on any day of the lunar diet.

Waning moon:

In a period of two weeks the waning moon follows the full moon. The light of the moon is diminishing in the night sky, and it is said that this period stimulates detoxification and the elimination of excess water from the body.

It is recommended to drink 8 glasses of water each day during the waning moon period and eat a healthy diet of solid foods when following the lunar diet.

Crescent moon:

During the time of the crescent moon, when the moonlight increases in the night sky, food cravings increase, and this may be a time when self-discipline will be evaluated.

Eating after 6 pm during the period of the crescent moon is prohibited as some believe that the body is creating its energy reserves during this period. Although fasting is not required during this crescent moon time, it is recommended to eat less than usual.

Drinking additional amounts of liquids between 3 and 5 pm is recommended to keep the body full at night times in the lunar diet.

New Moon:

During a new moon, the light of the moon is blocked and the moon becomes difficult to see in the night sky.

After the date of the calendar has been noted for the new moon, to follow the lunar diet you should not eat any food during the whole day of the new moon.

This day, it is recommended to drink fluids such as pure water and fruit juice to help the body eliminate unhealthy substances.

However, it must be taken into account that no drink should contain added sugar or salt. It is recommended to drink herbal infusions that are useful for their detoxifying properties, such as sage, dandelion or green tea.


In addition to the possibility of losing 6 pounds in a single day, this diet based on the moon phase is also an excellent way to detoxify the body and improve its immunity.

A hectic lifestyle makes it difficult to cook special foods or meet long and demanding schedules by other food methods, instead the lunar diet can be an excellent way to lose some weight and help the body feel lighter and healthier.

Many women around the world have seen positive results from the lunar diet, and do not present risks to their health, however, none of this should be considered medical advice and it is always recommended to speak with a specialist before starting this or any diet.

Results with the diet of the moon

There is no scientific evidence of the effect the moon has on weight loss and appetite. But that diet suggests fasting at least one day each month to detoxify the body and improve the digestive and immune systems, indicating only the intake of natural and healthy juices.

According to this diet, within 24 hours of starting the fasting period, you can lose up to 6 pounds of weight and gradually lose more throughout the month if you carefully follow the plan.