Vitargo: What is it? Uses, Benefits, Comparisons, Frequently Asked Questions and Much More


It is a unique and patented carbohydrate specially formulated for elite athletes that provide an ineffective load of muscle energy (glycogen) with easy access to the body.

Vitargo has been clinically tested at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm compared to other “normal” carbohydrate sports drinks. The results showed that Vitargo was faster in replenishing glycogen levels and passing through the stomach.

Carbohydrate molecular weight

  • Vitargo high molecular weight: 500,000 to 700,000 g / mol.
  • Maltodextrin: from 1,000 to 10,000 g / mol.
  • Starch syrup: 250 to 1,000 g / mol.
  • Sucrose: 342 g / mol.
  • Dextrose (glucose): 180 g / mol.

But molecular size alone doesn’t make Vitargo unique.

Vitargo is made through a unique fractionation process that makes it rapidly digestible and therefore capable of delivering glucose to the blood, liver, and muscle at least twice as fast as other common carbohydrates.

Other so-called ” high molecular weight ” carbohydrates are “weightless” when it comes to testing – they don’t have university studies showing superior fuel delivery or performance in humans.

Is Virgo the same as “polished corn” or high molecular weight starches?

Vitargo can be made from most plant starches.

What makes Vitargo so unique is not the source of the starch but the unique, patented ‘fingerprint’ proven in university studies in athletes to outperform significantly other ordinary carbohydrates in speed, endurance, and resistance training performance.


The first two studies conducted with Vitargo used potato starch as the starting source. For several years until 2005, Vitargo was made from a unique variety of corn that is higher in starch-waxy corn.

Today, depending on where in the world you buy Vitargo, it can be made from barley starch or waxy cornstarch.

Will the Vitargo make me feel bloated?

Vitargo is a unique and patented form of carbohydrate with an extremely high molecular weight, which gives it the property of a very low osmolality or a very low tendency to attract or extract water from the surrounding tissues.

This alone will create a feeling of comfort and not bloating. Other sports drinks have a lower molecular weight and higher osmolality than Vitargo.

It has also been emptied from the stomach 2.3 times faster and absorbed faster in the body than a comparable drink with sugars and maltodextrin.

This is why Vitargo can help you feel well-fed and feel empty enough to train.

Our elite and pro-athlete users notice bloating or a ‘heavy stomach’ feeling when using Vitargo before or during training or competition.

Doesn’t eating carbohydrate foods (pasta or bread) have the same effect of getting the same results?

You can eat those foods, but if you are preparing fuel before training, you will need to eat those foods many hours before exercise to ensure that the carbohydrates are digested and into your bloodstream, liver, and muscle cells to fuel your workout.

If you eat them just before training, you will not have fueled your muscles, and you will probably feel too full to train well. These foods will certainly help replenish the glycogen stores of the muscles and liver.

However, the question should be whether they will replenish and regain glycogen stores as quickly as Vitargo and without the bloated and ‘stomachache’ sensation.

If you are training or competing in multiple bouts on the same day or the next day, you should choose the carbohydrate source that research has shown to speed up replenishment and recovery after a vigorous workout.

Can women and girls use Virgo?

Absolutely! Vitargo is the perfect fuel for anyone who wants to challenge themselves. We have many active and athletic women and girls who depend on Vitargo to fuel their training and performance.

They love it! Pound for pound, when women train at high-intensity levels, they need the same carbohydrates as men.

Although women are better fat burners during moderate-intensity exercise, half of their fuel comes from carbohydrates. There is no need to worry about fullness or puffiness with Vitargo. It is the ideal fuel for women and girls!

When I mix my Vitargo drink, it forms a gel on the bottom of the bottle. Am I doing something wrong?

Vitargo is a large carbohydrate molecule compared to the common carbohydrates used in sports drinks. Because of this, Vitargo is more difficult to dissolve.

Use a mixing ball in your shaker bottle, and fill the bottle/shaker with 200ml of water, then add the powder and shake vigorously for 30 seconds. Add 500-600 ml of water and shake vigorously for 30 seconds. Always make sure to add the powder to the water, not the other way around.

Is the Vitargo gluten-free?

Yes, Vitargo contains less than 20 ppm of gluten (test: ELISA, r-Biopharm).

Can I mix Vitargo with other supplements?

You can mix Vitargo and low-carb supplements like protein, pre-workouts, amino acids, and electrolytes.

Why should Creatine be taken in conjunction with Vitargo and not alone?

Carbohydrate improves Creatine absorption by causing an increase in insulin secretion that improves Creatine storage. Creatine storage can be enhanced by taking Vitargo together with Creatine.

Consumption of Vitargo increases blood sugar levels and, therefore, the secretion of insulin, an endogenous hormone. The improved absorption of Creatine in the muscles is attributed to the stimulation of Creatine transporters mediated by insulin.

L-carnitine, commonly known as an enhancer of the fatty acid oxidation metabolic pathway, has only been shown in research to improve fatty acid oxidation and energy availability when combined with supplementation of Vitargo.

Scientists demonstrated an increase in cellular carnitine uptake after ingestion of Vitargo and a rapid rise in insulin, followed by increased use of fat for energy during exercise, a decrease in perceived exertion, and an increase in labor output.

No other carbohydrate source has been shown to support muscle cell L-carnitine transport and use efficacy except Vitargo.

How transparent is the product information, and what kind of testing does it do?

As a science-driven company, they are entirely transparent and conduct many tests to certify not only what they advertise, but independent labs guarantee the purity of their products and claims.

All the ingredients are indicated on the label. They never use “proprietary formulas” that don’t tell you exactly what’s in the product.

Every batch of every product is tested for purity after manufacturing for contaminants and banned substances by the Banned Substances Control Group (, the gold standard in prohibited substances and drug-free product testing.

Everything on the label is guaranteed to be on the product, and there is nothing on the product that is not on the label. All test labs are not the same. BSCG was chosen because they test every batch, every time, with complete test reports!

The leading FDA regulatory standard of current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) is applied to ensure the pharmaceutical quality of human drugs.

GMPs provide systems that ensure proper design, supervision, and manufacturing processes and facilities control.

Every batch of Vitargo is tested for gluten content. Although the product can legally be labeled gluten-free without testing because it does not contain any protein, it was tested anyway to ensure it does not contain gluten.

You can trust that the product is always well below the legal standard for gluten-free labeling.

The Vitargo is certified Kosher, Halal, Non-GMO, and Vegan.

Can you explain the research that Vitargo has done and how it may impact my training in simple terms?

Vitargo empties from the stomach, enters the small intestine, and reaches the bloodstream twice as fast as maltodextrin plus multi-transport carbohydrates, the next fastest carbohydrate supplement.

Glycogen is replenished in muscle cells in two hours, twice as fast as any other fast sports drink, and performance studies have shown up to 23 percent more work two hours after exhaustive exercise.

Therefore, the recovery is speedy. Independent research also shows that when taken with Vitargo, L-carnitine enters the muscle cell and enhances fat oxidation during exercise to reduce perceived exertion and improve work performance.

Vitargo is very easy on the gut and can be used before, during, and after endurance and endurance exercise without stomach upset or bloating. No other product beats Vitargo, backed by published and peer-reviewed research studies.

How does Vitargo’s insulin boost improve training results?

Vitargo’s goal is to deliver fuel fast. It is rapidly emptied from the stomach and rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream to raise blood glucose levels with rapid insulin response to provide blood glucose to muscle cells faster.

That’s the only way you can fuel high-intensity performance. You can only improve athletic performance by athletically challenging your muscles. Vitargo is the premium fuel for sporting challenges and better training results.

What is the difference between Dextrose and Vitargo?

Dextrose is a simple sugar chemically identical to glucose but always made from corn. Dextrose has a small molecular weight of 180 g / mol. Vitargo has a whopping molecular weight of 500,000-700,000 g / mol.

Small molecules draw water into your digestive tract; giant molecules do not.

This unique feature allows you to feed much more Vitargo at a time without stomach fullness, bloating, or discomfort and is probably part of the reason behind Vitargo’s rapid stomach emptying and refilling properties.

With Vitargo, you can fully fuel your workout and feel empty enough to train.

Is Vitargo Compound With Less Expensive Carbs?

NEVER! Every batch was tested, and the purity of the product was guaranteed. There is never anything in the product that is not on the label. The only carbohydrate in the product is Vitargo, period!

Isn’t Vitargo the same as hot corn?

Vitargo is very different from other products made from waxy corn. Waxy corn is simply a high-starch variety of corn commonly used in the food industry.

It is cornstarch. Vitargo can and has been produced from any food starch, including waxy corn, potato, and barley. A proprietary process is used to create Vitargo with the unique properties characteristic of our product.

No other brand can make Vitargo, or anything like it, regardless of the source of your starch.

How long before exercising should I take Vitargo?

Vitargo begins to empty from your stomach within 10 minutes, and most people are comfortable enough to start exercising 20 to 60 minutes after taking Vitargo.

On the other hand, Vitargo is used regularly during exercise without any time between consumption and activity. So take it for a test ride or run and find out what works best for you.

How many carbohydrates are in a tablespoon of Vitargo?

There are 35 grams of carbohydrates for every scoop of Vitargo.

Can I train for a bikini contest with Vitargo?

The Vitargo is great for fueling your bikini contest training. Many women find that the closer they get to the competition, the more they target their carb fuel at their workout, and Vitargo is the ideal choice.

Even on the day of the competition, Vitargo can be your primary source of nutrition, as it doesn’t produce bloating or gas, but it keeps you fueled, so you stay stable and strong on stage.

Why do I need a lot of Vitargo per hour for an ironman race?

Each person has a different burn rate, but generally, Ironman competitors consume between 600 and 1,200 calories per hour on the course, depending on gender, training, body size, and pace.

With the same caveats, 60-90% of your calorie intake will come from carbohydrates.

That means carbohydrate gram usage can be as low as 90 grams to as high as 270 grams per hour, with room for maneuvering around those numbers again based on the factors above.

Because you must have stored glycogen in your muscles before your run, a smaller or slower competitor can be successful with two scoops of Vitargo per hour.

Many highly competitive Ironman runners use more than six scoops of Vitargo per hour by mixing it in less water and turning it into a gel for easy carrying on the course, then sipping plain water at the hydration stations.

Can I swim and use Vitargo?

Absolutely. The best swimmers in the world feed on Vitargo. Coach Dave Durden, Men’s Swimming Coach for the UC Berkeley Golden Bears, swears by Vitargo for all of his athletes.

The female and male Olympians have won their gold medal races driven by Vitargo.

Is Vitargo used for recovery only?

Vitargo is the perfect pre-workout, during a workout, and post-workout recovery fuel, and we have the data to prove it.

Will Vitargo make me fat?

Eating the wrong foods, too much food, and not exercising are the main reasons people become overfat. It may surprise you that what’s stopping most people from achieving a sculpted physique is fueling your training.

Most people stagnate before reaching their goals because they think that all it takes is a hard workout to burn fat.

But if you don’t feed your body carbohydrates, you can’t do high intensity exercise. Your body needs carbohydrates to train at high levels.

When you are lacking carbohydrates, you feel like you are training very hard, but if we measure the output of your work, it would be low. So your calorie burn is more minor than you think, and your training suffers.

When you fuel your body before high-intensity exercise, you train harder for longer, burn more calories, get a better training effect, and burn more fat during recovery.

That is what creates the ultimate sculpture. The trainers who work with Vitargo know they have never looked better!