Symptoms of Most Common Venereal Diseases

What are the most common venereal diseases and their symptoms?

Most people who have an active sex life have suffered from some venereal disease(diseases that are sexually transmitted). In most cases, these diseases are asymptomatic; symptoms are not perceived because many have characteristics of common diseases.

These are the symptoms of the most common venereal diseases:

AIDS: This sexually transmitted disease has symptoms due to a weak immune system: abdominal pain, muscle pain, fatigue, fever at night, and flu. The symptoms are usually evident years after infection.

Gonorrhea: It is transmitted sexually to a person by another who has this disease. Gonorrhea is caused by bacteria that can multiply in the reproductive system and, in some cases, grow in the eyes, mouth, anus, and throat. Some of the symptoms are Green, white or yellow discharge on the genitals; men usually feel pain in the testicles.

The symptoms of gonorrhea in women are often very similar to those of superficial vaginal infection, such as burning during urination, bleeding during menstrual periods, and increased vaginal discharge. I could have sacred anal, itching, fevers, and pains in the abdomen in both sexes.

Syphilis: This sexually transmitted disease usually has no symptoms, although these are the most common: An ulcer called a chancre (between 3 and 6 weeks) characterized by being wet and open appears. Cankers appear in the vagina, anus, breasts, penis, and mouth. Then comes the loss of weight accompanied by pain in the muscles, hair loss, headache, tiredness, and fevers.

Herpes: One of the most apparent symptoms of this venereal disease is the appearance of blisters on the genital part and the buttocks in both men and women. Herpes also causes burning sensations when urinating, burning, and itching in the genital area.


Chlamydia: It is transmitted through vaginal, oral, and anal sex. Generally, this disease does not present symptoms causing inflammation of the pelvis and causing sterility.

Triconomyiasis: This venereal disease infects the orifice where the urine and cells of the vagina pass, causing abdominal pain, vaginal itching, and white discharge.