Punzocat: What is it? Placement Procedure, History, Evolution, Security System, Development and Technological Advances

It is an infusion catheter used to perform peripheral intravenous therapy.

Procedure for placing a punzocat catheter

A cannula / catheter is inserted into a small peripheral vein for therapeutic purposes, such as the administration of medications, fluids, and / or blood products.

History and evolution of the punzocat

The punzocat (intravenous catheter) is a Mexican invention that revolutionized medicine.

In the past, the administration of IV fluids and food had many complications and was sometimes even dangerous. The patients had to stand to avoid damaging the veins with the metal needle.

But now, a Mexican company developed the first peripheral intravenous catheter, which has been improved lately.

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The company revolutionized medicine in 1957 when Dr. Fernando Vizcarra created punzocat, a peripheral intravenous catheter, which changed the technique of administering fluids through the venous system, because the traditional technique implied that the patient remained immobile with the risk of puncturing the come to.

Fernando R. Vizcarra designed the invention in his own home. He called in his few domestic employees to help him and created what is now known as a peripheral intravenous catheter.

The Mexican invention revolutionized medicine and is now used in thousands of hospitals. The product produced in Mexico is exported to Asia, Central America and South America.

In medical jargon, punzocat is a commonly used word. Technically, it is a peripheral intravenous catheter, inserted into the vein to deliver a drug directly into the bloodstream.

In the 1950s, Fernando R. Vizcarra was a pediatrician with a clinic and a blood bank in the city of Cuernavaca, Morelos, in central Mexico.

“Inserting old metal needles into children was almost a crime, doctors practically had to tie them to keep them still,” says Alfredo Chalita Vizcarra, executive director of Equipos Médicos Vizcarra.

Punzocat security system

The new generation infusion catheter has a safety system that is capable of reducing accidental punctures and pain caused by the patient being punctured, thus facilitating its placement.

“A disadvantage of the existing products is caused because, at the time of placement, medical personnel can have difficulties during the puncture and cause pain to the patient, hence the importance of having an instrument of greater safety and efficacy”.

These are the words of Dr. José Antonio Arellano Cabrera, head of Research and Development of Medical Equipment of Vizcarra.

The new catheter has a national and international patent and is intended for distribution to the public and private sectors, both nationally and internationally. The idea is to export to the United States, the European Union, and parts of Asia.

The company, with more than 50 years of experience, received the National Award for Technology and Innovation (PNTI) awarded by the Government of Mexico, due to its technology management model.

Development and technological advances

Starting in 2010, the company established the Research and Development Department, with the aim of creating new products, such as central and peripheral intravenous catheters, for epidural (spinal cord) anesthesia and sanitation (cleaning) equipment.

“We seek to enter the market with products that offer added value and not just coping services provided by international leaders,” said Dr. Arellano Cabrera.

Peripheral intravenous catheters used to administer medications to hospitalized patients almost anywhere in the world are manufactured in Mexico, in what is now Vizcarra Medical Equipment.

Fernando R. Vizcarra, had the idea of ​​inserting a plastic tube into the vein through the metal needle. The needle can then be removed, while the thin plastic tube remains inside the vein and medicine is given to the patient.

Today, patients do not have to suffer loss of venous access from ruptured veins and can walk around the hospital and move freely while in the hospital.

The firm, established in 1964, now has 250 direct workers and, depending on demand, can employ up to 550.

Brief conclusions about Punzocat

«The punzocat brand, our main product, is highly recognized and has become a generic in the medical industry; any nurse or doctor who uses our catheter calls it the ‘punzocat’.