Todd’s Paralysis: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Todd’s paralysis is a form of state in people with neurological problems.

Which consists of a brief period of paralysis that may be partial or total, but commonly occurs on only one side of the body. It can last from an hour and a half to thirty-six hours and then be completely resolved.

Medical science is not sure of the causes of Todd’s paralysis; However, current theories propose certain biological processes in the brain of a person that imply a “slow down”, either in the production of energy of the neurons, or in the motor centers of the person in their brain.

It is important to differentiate Todd’s palsy with some other pathology, such as a stroke, since according to this, a completely different treatment will be required.

Causes and symptoms of Todd’s palsy

Sometimes, the symptoms are even more dramatic and pronounced and may even involve severe weakness or paralysis of a limb or side of the person’s body, called; hemiparesis . You may also experience sensations that include pronounced changes in vision, numbness or blindness.

A seizure involves an episode of abnormal electrical activity in a specific part of the brain. The behavior of a person who experiences an attack can vary from a simple and brief episode to complete loss of consciousness accompanied by involuntary muscle activity.

The symptoms of Todd’s paralysis usually disappear within a matter of minutes or hours of their initial appearance and on rare occasions, can last from thirty to forty eight hours.


Arriving at a diagnosis of Todd’s paralysis can be crucial because the symptoms may look a lot like a stroke. A stroke involves an injury to a person’s brain due to oxygen deprivation after bleeding or blockage of the artery.

In general, Todd’s paralysis can be easily diagnosed after a person has a documented attack.

Rapid resolution of symptoms is another means of distinguishing between it or a stroke.

When the diagnosis is still unclear, an electroencephalogram can be performed, a test that records information about the electrical activity of the person’s brain, an MRI scan or a Scan can also be performed.


Todd’s Paralysis is an indication that the person has experienced a seizure potentially associated with epilepsy, so there is no particular treatment needed for himself in a Todd’s palsy.

People need to rest as comfortably as possible until symptoms disappear.