What is the Ovulation Calendar: How it works

How the woman’s ovulation calendar works

The fertility calendar has become the most effective way for all those who still do not plan to have a family; as for those who also hope to lead an excellent pregnancy, it also brings some benefits to defining the sex of the baby and the month of birth with your zodiacal ruler.

This innovative mechanism emerged after so many questions about the conception of a baby by women in interviews with their doctors; in this way, programs have been created where it is possible to pinpoint the exact moment of ovulation, addition to It is unique and personal for each woman to obtain a fertility calendar. You only have to enter the date of the last period and the days that the menstrual cycle lasts, and in this way, any calendar program of ovulation computes the fertile days.

This way, you can find advantages when you want to get pregnant because it is known that the most fertile moment is the time of ovulation, and knowing this time without a doubt will allow you to better choose the days for conception. This unique mechanism of ovulation calendars throws its calculations, taking into account the time of life of the ovum and sperm, the time of ovulation, and managing to show those best days to conceive.

To download the software and be able to know the most fertile days butterfly.softonic.com, it also serves as a menstruation calendar.

With the ovulation calendar, you can get some help in choosing the sex of the baby; you will increase the chances of having a boy or girl by knowing how to choose the time to have sex. In the sperm, the Y- chromosomes carrying male sex are faster in their swimming and die faster, unlike the X chromosomes, so when you have closer to ovulation are more likely to conceive a child; and if you have sex three days before ovulation, you will get more chances of conceiving a girl, taking these calculations will help you optimize the possibilities of choosing the baby sex.

Avoiding an unwanted pregnancy is one of the aids this calendar offers; not having unprotected sex on fertile days is a natural way to prevent pregnancy. The calendar, taking into account the variations in the menstrual cycle, indicates the most unsafe days.