Ovulation Calculator, Calculate the Most Fertile Day

How does the ovulation calculator help? How to calculate your ovulation date easily.

Using this technique you can get help in finding a better time to get pregnant by predicting those more fertile days. The dates are an estimate, but it does not have an exact appreciation, since due to the different variations of the menstrual cycle the results are affected. The most recommended to calculate ovulation is to accompany it by an ovulation prediction kit, the observation of body temperature and cervical mucus are important changes; and with the combination of these tools will provide you with more detailed and accurate information about your fertile life.

How to calculate the day of ovulation?

Take note of the first day of your last menstruation. Calculate the average duration of the cycle.

Few days before ovulation are the most fertile days , since normally ovulation occurs 14 days before the end of the menstrual cycle (day 1 of the next period). Because sperm can survive several days in a pleasant environment, you should take it into account when having unprotected sex, if you do not want a pregnancy. Between 13 and 17 days before the next period you can enjoy about 5 typical fertile days in a healthy woman, opportune moments if what you want is to have a baby.

If your menstrual cycle is very long (+ 35 days) or very short (- of 21 days), or month to month varies more than three days in general, the dates handled in these calculations are not the most accurate. In any of these cases it is better to consult a doctor with whom you can discuss all your questions and concerns.

Use a program as an ovulation calculator

The ovulation calculator is the easiest way to calculate the fertile days, now you can find many options on the internet and only based on the last date of the period and the duration of the menstrual cycle. In this way an estimate of the fertile days can be obtained. This estimate can help as a starting point, without neglecting its degree of precision.