Obnubilation: Everyone Can Pass Us

Stunned? Easy ways to increase your brain capacity at work.

Non-productive days at work come in many forms. There are days when you are tired, when you regret having gone to the premiere of the movie the night before, days when you are distracted. How do I focus on work when my mind is elsewhere? that you can not get motivation Could I do the monthly report next week?

And of course, there are days when you only feel like your brain is not 100%. You stare at the computer screen, glassy eyes, and no matter what you do, you can not take all that fog your mind.

Causes of Drowsiness is unknown, but if you do not take action on the matter, can be very detrimental to your productivity.

However, do not give up your day job, depending on how scattered it is your mind, there are some strategies you can use to recover, or at least make this lack of concentration disappears one day at a time.

Instead of just staring into space while waiting for the clock strikes the hour to leave your office, try these tips:

Start with the basics

Serve yourself a cup of coffee, a snack, a sandwich full of vitamins, take a walk to get your blood flowing, or listen to energizing music. When you have low levels of concentration, these remedies can quickly infuse a little more clarity into your day.

Count on the help of your co-workers.

Sometimes all it takes to get all the fog out of your head is to interact with a person whose mind is clearer than yours. So, when you have a coworker with whom to exchange ideas, it’s all about letting crazy ideas fly everywhere.

Or, if you just want to talk through your plans for a specific project, your lucid co-worker will be able to point out the obvious flaws in your strategy – flaws that your brain may have overlooked.

Schedule your day

Plan your day based on the tasks you have yet to do, it is always a good idea to write down everything in a notebook or diary to be clear about the steps to follow, it will help you stay focused.

Remember that it is also a very good option to take a little nap to replace all the fatigue and sleep you may have. The lazy brain is something that we can fight when we avoid that the fog in our mind becomes a routine of the day to day.