Home Remedy for Acne: Tips for Treating and Preventing Acne

First we must look what causes Acne.

The causes of adult acne are similar to the causes of acne in adolescents and is due to the accumulation of fat in the pores . The fat attracts bacteria that inflame the pores, causing pimples and blackheads. It has not been possible to demonstrate with certainty if there is a connection between acne and the ingested food.

However, some studies say that excess sugar, refined flour and processed foods increase the likelihood of the cause of acne.

Other causes are hormonal, knowing that it also affects men, the adult acne that a woman can have can occur during menstruation, pregnancy or during the menopause period.

Stress is also a cause of acne. Some cosmetics contain ingredients that cause acne, in the form of creams, masks and corrective. Some people may have allergic reactions to certain beauty products and this can cause inflammation of the skin and therefore acne.

Bringing your hands to your face can constantly transfer bacteria and thus cause acne. Also, caution should be exercised with some hair products, including shampoos and conditioners since they can cause pimples.

How to treat Acne

The treatment of adult acne is different from treating acne in teenagers. The skin of the adult is drier and more sensitive. If you use too aggressive products on the skin of an adult, this does not have the same regeneration capacity that has a younger skin and so the skin can become very irritated and make acne worse.

A good option to balance hormones and thus control acne is the use of certain contraceptive pills. The ideal is to consult a dermatologist or gynecologist for a blood test, since this way you can know which contraceptive is the most appropriate for each case.

A dermatologist may also recommend the use of isotretinoin pills for the treatment of more severe cases, however, this is a treatment that can cause side effects. Be very careful and always consult a doctor before starting any treatment. Ignore the medication recommendations from friends or other people, each case requires a customized treatment.

Natural products are generally a good option as a treatment for acne, as they have no side effects and are less abrasive to the skin being recommended for use on any age skin.

The oil of the tea tree – is great to treat and prevent acne, since it is an antiseptic and also helps to maintain a hydrated skin preventing the skin from drying out.

Calendula soap – relieves the pain and irritation caused by acne and also kills the bacteria that cause severe acne.

Oregano oil – is an excellent natural antibiotic can be applied directly to the skin, applying it with a damp cotton. It eliminates bacteria and helps improve skin imperfections.

Other tips to treat and prevent acne

To combat and prevent hyperkeratosis, which basically leaves the skin thicker and therefore accumulates more fat on the face, it is recommended a treatment or peeling with lactic acid or glycolic acid with a weekly frequency.

Make your natural scrub, at home – you can mix yogurt or skim milk (dairy products that contain lactic acid), with a little fine salt. Do not use too much salt to avoid damaging the skin. Apply to the face, massage for 3 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Do not forget the following suggestions:

  • Do not place your hands or fingers on your face.
  • Wash your face twice a day with warm water.
  • Do not use tonics, especially at night, they leave the skin very dry and therefore produce more fat to make the situation worse.
  • Use conditioner in the shower before washing your face, because the buildup of conditioner on the skin causes pimples.
  • Use a weekly exfoliating mask to help heal pimples and acne marks, as well as to control excess fat.
  • Relax and try to sleep at least 8 hours per night.