Allergy to Mites: Is it Common? What Are Mites? Where are they found and how to remove them

Many people have allergy tests and discover that they have an allergy to this subclass of arachnids. Surely those people will wonder, what does this mean?

If you are allergic to dust mites, you are not alone. This allergy to dust and mites is one of the most common allergies that exist, and is found in most countries of the world.

Maybe you’ve asked yourself, what are mites and how do you handle life with them? Or with luck without them!

This is the challenge, but there are several things you can easily do to control the mites in your home, making some changes.

These changes are not difficult to do and will help you have a more comfortable life even if you have an allergy to the pedicure.

Allergic to mites … What are mites?

When they tell you that you are allergic to mites, one of the first things that most people think about is what mites are.

They are very small, almost invisible in fact, so you will not have seen them even though they are in many (or most) houses. They occur in colonies and very large amounts may be present, often in the millions.

Its real name is Dermatophagoides firanae, but for the most part they are simply called mites. You can be sure that they do not really live on humans! Real mites will not hurt you, however, many of you will find severe reactions to them.

How common is this allergy?

Those of you who are allergic to mites are among a large group of people who have this problem. It is one of the most common allergies in most countries of the world.

The natural health products that help you manage this are now available in most places. If you notice that you have symptoms of vitamin D deficiency, you may want to take supplements, as it can be very beneficial to help you.

It is common for many allergic people to be deficient in a variety of different vitamins, and this may include having a vitamin C deficiency. If your reactions to dust cause headaches or sinus inflammation , you may choose to use one of the natural remedies against allergies.

There are a number of benefits of using MSM powder, as it can help you overcome allergic reactions. Many allergists also recommend spraying with a mite spray.

You may not tolerate it if it is chemically sensitive, but it is worth trying. If this is a difficulty for you, there are several other things you can do easily to help control the mites and have a more comfortable life.

Where are these arachnids?

It is one of the most common internal allergies. Mites can be found in most people’s homes, because they like warm and humid places, and they need a source of food.

They live on the tiny particles of skin that fall off while they sleep and they also like the warmth and humid environment of their bed.

My Allergy Free Bed

An allergy-free room can help you sleep better. Your bed is the most common place where you are likely to find many of these little creatures.

That is why if you are allergic to mites, you may seem to get worse when you go to bed. People who have this allergy react to the mite droppings, their fecal matter, which they leave in their bed.

If you have a lot of mites, you can imagine that you will also have a large amount of this fecal matter that is causing you problems. You can breathe this while you sleep and this is not good for you.

Allergic reactions can range from severe asthma attacks to the nose and eyes, and symptoms that may resemble flu or springtime symptoms such as hay fever.

Many people find that their reaction is similar to the one you get from pollens and herbs in the spring, and they can also look a lot like MCS symptoms and many people with multiple chemical sensitivity also react to mites.

You can wash the mites that are in some of their beds, for this you must use the hottest water. But if it is old and has been accumulating for a long time, you may need to replace it.

Ideas to Get Rid of Mites

Prevention is very important, so check the list below for ideas on what to consider. The tips on this list can help you discover how to sleep better when you are allergic to mites.

To prevent the accumulation of dust and mites, begin the process to clear the clutter of the room.

Your goal is to eliminate as many unnecessary items from the room as possible, in case they contain dust in them.

Use a good vacuum to clean the dust in the room to help detoxify at home. Many allergists recommend filters.

The best thing for you is simply to use the best quality vacuum cleaner that you can use safely.

Wash all sheets and bath towels with the hottest water you can and continue to wash your sheets and pillow cases frequently.

If you are allergic to mites, see if you can do it once a week if possible, or at least once every two weeks.

Use allergy-free bedding on your bed and wash your pillows, or replace them with new good quality organic pillows. They are a place where mites accumulate.

The latex is also resistant to dust and an organic latex pillow is another good alternative.

If you have a carpet on your floor, you may need to consider replacing it with another type of floor that is easy to clean to eliminate mites.

You can choose to install natural wood floors or ecological cork floors, since cleaning wooden floors or cork is very easy.

Since mites do not like wool, you can choose to replace your old bedding with organic wool bedding, and that could include the use of an organic wool pillow.

Use good quality organic bedding, including organic mattress pads or pillow cases and allergy pillow covers that can be washed regularly to remove any dust.

Have a good air purifier for allergies or a negative ion generator come out at night. This is a common idea of ​​natural health, as it can help eliminate mite particles from the air that are stirred during sleep.